Flaws/Colour Disclosure

  • Due to the nature of custom printed fabric, there may be minor flaws present. Flaws within 10cm of the selvage edge, on the back side of the fabric, or those smaller than 3cm x 3cm, are considered acceptable and will not be disclosed prior to shipment.
  • We are not responsible for insignificant flaws, dye transfer or bleeding during washing, damage during shipment, or fabric shipped to an incorrect address.

Missing/Flawed Items

  • Please email SFQ within 7 business days of your package being received with any issues.
  • If you are missing any items from your order, or find a significant flaw in an item received, please contact me via email or private message me via Facebook.


  • We measure fabric at various stages of the process from receiving orders from the printer(s), during stock take and finally when your order is packed.
  • If there is a shortage, your have a choice of the following:
    • Refund for the shortage
    • Store credit
    • Refund the order for that fabric
  • Shortages are calculated as follows:
    • Price per meter/100 = cost/cm.
    • For example a shortage of 10cm:  $22.00/100 = 0.22cents.  0.22×10 = $2.20 refund/store credit .
  • Measurements need to be done BEFORE washing/cutting or altering in any way.
  • If you are measuring your fabric, please measure it in cms as that is what I cut in. SFQ works on a metric system.