Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

Sassy Fabric Queen will never disclose your personal information.


  • Colours may vary Slightly depending on individual monitor or phone settings.
  • All material will be cut in continuous lengths unless otherwise requested.
  • Material ordered on separate orders will not be continuous unless we have been notified.
  • Please wash material before use as it may shrink.
  • We occasionally receive fabric which is stained from the printer or short if this happens we will let you know and apply a credit voucher for you to use in the future. If the fabric is stained we will reprint however there will be a further delay until it is received to us to check and send out to you. Please be aware this can happen with custom printed fabric and it is out of our control however we will do our utmost to ensure we can rectify the error for you.

Postage and Handling

  •  It is the buyers responsibility to provide the correct shipping address and Sassy Fabric Queen will not be held liable if incorrect details are given.
  • If an item is lost in transit Sassy Fabric Queen will not re issue the item. We will lodge an enquiry with NZ Post or Courierpost.
  • International Orders are only sent with an International Courier as it has tracking. You can ask for non tracking which will yeild a cheaper price however this is at your own risk and we will provide a receipt for proof of it being sent.

Cancellation of order

  • Sassy Fabric Queen reserves the right to cancel your order at any time.
  • If you wish to cancel your order this is at the discretion of Sassy Fabric Queen.
  • Requests for refunds will not apply once the order has been placed with the printer. However there will be exceptions at the discretion  of Sassy Fabric Queen.

Payment Terms

Sassy Fabric Queen asks for full payment upfront regardless of the order being a pre order this is easiest for us to manage with the large amount of orders we have to print and the fact that we print what you order only.

Thank you for your understanding.