Here we will outline the basics of fabric that we can print on so you can ensure you are selecting the best for your projects:

Light, thin and soft, cotton is an ideal material for patchwork projects, and creating lightweight garments such as button up shirts, dresses, socks, tshirts, bed sheets and much more, hoever it may not be well suited for more heavy duty stitch crafting.

As its a semi-synthetic fibre, rayon is an extremely versatile material that is often used to substitute natural fibres in clothing. Although soft, comfortable, smooth and absorbent, rayon has an extremely low elastic recovery and fails at insulating heat, so is best used when sewing garments to wear in hotter weather.

Cotton Lycra
Cotton lycra – It is a super soft fabric with great recovery.   It’s 95% cotton with 5% lycra making it really breathable and perfect for all types of weather. It can be used for all types of clothing including pants, shirts, hoodies, jumpers, skirts, dresses and more. It has fantastic recovery and is awesome for making bands out of. It doesnt really drape so if you are looking for that this wont be the base for you.

Double Gauze
Double Gauze is two lightweight super soft pieces of loosely woven cotton gauze fabric put together to make a very soft, drapey, breathable piece of fabric. It’s often used in baby blankets and swaddles.  And it also gets softer the more it is washed.

Minky is 100% polyester with little to no stretch and is a plush raised type of fabric.   It’s very soft but only fluffy on one side. Mostly it is used for blankets and toys. Minky also washes to look brand new again! So very soft and silky you will be astonished.

Swim fabric really speaks for itself, its used for swimsuits, rashvests and sometimes activewear. It also has built in 50+ UV protection. The colours in our swim really do pop with colour.

This is the most squishy soft and luxurious fabric we have had on board. Its basically double sided Minky, however it has the stretch of double brushed Poly. It can be used as is or hemmed but because it is double sided there is no need for a backing. Commonly used for Blankets, dressing gowns and more.

Bamboo Lycra
Bamboo is made from the bamboo plant and spandex, its very silky and soft and has so much drape its beautiful. It feels heavy in a way but light and breathable in another way. While wearing it you dont notice the weight only the light airy feeling. Perfect for summer and hot weather. It doesnt have the best recovery but its perfect for dresses, flowy tops, pants, shorts and more.

Double Brushed Poly
Double brushed poly can be considered in a way as the winter version of bamboo. However its not made from bamboo, its made of polyester and spandex and is very soft. Its brushed on both sides so that is no need to back it with anything. The drape is good and so is the stretch and recovery. DBP doesnt breathe as well as bamboo or cooton so alot of people prefer it for winter with leggings as an example.

French Terry

One of my absolute favourite fabrics to work with, French terry can be used in many ways from shorts to hoodies and jumpers. Its a cotton spandex blend and heavier than cotton lycra. The top is smooth with the underneath being looped like a soft bath towel.

100% polyester knit which has been bonded to a PU breatheable and waterproofing film on the underside of the fabric. PUL is “polyUrethane Laminate” and is typcally used for wetbags, bookbags, swimbags, cloth pads and nappies! Our PUL is foodsafe too.